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Best Midjourney prompts - July 2023 edition

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Each month, we gather the best Midjourney prompts from innovative creators on Twitter. These can serve as a rich source of inspiration for your upcoming creations.

In this article, we will look at the best ten Midjourney prompts from July 2023.

1. Film types

@juliewdesign_ suggests using film types in your prompts to give an analog touch to your outputs.

/imagine prompt: {character}, Ilford FP4 Plus 125

Save prompt to Imagifly Film types prompt - created in Midjourney

2. BIC pen style illustrations

@techhalla shares a prompt to create character illustrations in BIC pen style.

/imagine prompt: BIC pen art::5 portrait of Jimmy Hendrix::4 purple ink on white paper background::3 words; hands; letters::-2

Save prompt to Imagifly BIC pen style prompt - created in Midjourney

3. Children art drawings

@Artedeingenio shares a prompt he's used to create creepy drawings inspired by the art of children.

/imagine prompt: hand drawings of a disturbed person, thick strokes of colours, deranged, mentally insane, spooky --ar 16:9 --s 1000 --weird 100 --q 2 --v 5.2 --style raw

Save prompt to Imagifly Children art prompt - created in Midjourney

4. Cyber info panel portraits

@matterAfactART shares a prompt to create 'cyber info panel portraits'.

/imagine prompt: Image of the information panel for an cyberpunk samurai character, in the style of futuristic digital art, dark black and gold, installation creator, hieratic visionary, lith printing, calculated, cabincore --s 750 --v 5.2

Save prompt to Imagifly Cyber info panel portraits prompt - created in Midjourney

5. Circular pattern backgrounds

@umesh_ai shares a prompt to create beautiful circular pattern backgrounds.

/imagine prompt: Metallic lines, circular pattern, neon background --s 500

Save prompt to Imagifly Circular pattern backgrounds prompt - created in Midjourney

6. Minimalist superheroes portraits

@kalsonkalu shows you how to create superheroes portraits in a minimalist draw style.

/imagine prompt: Marvel Comics {Deadpool} minimalist, draw style --ar 16:9

Save prompt to Imagifly Minimalist superheroes portraits prompt - created in Midjourney

7. Miniature food

@g0rillaAI uses MJ to create miniature food creations.

/imagine prompt: Food photography of cute tiny people preparing a gigantic cheeseburger, ultra realistic, ultra detailed, UHD image --style raw --s 750 --v 5.1

Save prompt to Imagifly  Miniature food prompt - created in Midjourney

8. Bauhaus-inspired poster design

@HBCoop_ shares a prompt to create a Bauhaus-inspired poster design.

/imagine prompt: Bauhaus Graphic Design | Dynamic | Bold and visually striking poster with strong typography and vibrant colors | Showcasing the innovative spirit of Bauhaus graphic design

Save prompt to Imagifly Bauhaus-inspired poster design prompt - created in Midjourney

9. Electroluminescentjelly prompt

@ralphlentjes experiments with using one-word prompts to create unique images.

/imagine prompt: Electroluminescentjelly cat --v 5.2

Save prompt to Imagifly Electroluminescentjelly cat - created in Midjourney

10. Panning feature

@hanne_van_briel teaches you how to use the new panning feature.

Panning feature - created in Midjourney

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