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Best Midjourney prompts - June 2023 edition

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Every month, we collect the best Midjourney prompts shared by innovative creators on Twitter, that could be a great source of inspiration for your next creations.

In this article, we want to look back at the top ten Midjourney prompts from June 2023.

1. Super Mario characters

@kalsonkalu shows you how to create Super Mario characters.

/imagine prompt: {Super Mario} realistic rendering, unreal engine 5 --niji --ar 16:9

Save prompt to Imagifly Super Mario character - created in Midjourney

2. Astronauts in a futuristic spacecraft

@ciguleva shares how to create stylish images of astronauts in a futuristic spacecraft.

/imagine prompt: three astronauts in a futuristic spacecraft surrounded by many white and black masks, in the style of conceptual installation, dark reflections, emotional and dramatic scenes, michelangelo, installation creator, uhd image --ar 21:9

Save prompt to Imagifly image of astronauts in a futuristic spacecraft - created in Midjourney

3. Pulp art

@bri_guy_ai shows you how to create Pulp-art inspired images.

/imagine prompt: alien romance, pulp art

Save prompt to Imagifly Pulp art image - created in Midjourney

4. Ice cream modernism

@Monra teaches you how to create ice cream images inspired by artistic movements.

/imagine prompt: ice cream inspired by modernism

Save prompt to Imagifly Ice cream inspired by modernism - created in Midjourney

5. Business logos

@realchasecurtis shows you how to create different logo styles.

/imagine prompt: line art logo of #insert item, thin #insert color lines, minimal, #background color

Save prompt to Imagifly business logo - created in Midjourney

6. Watch faces

@LinusEkenstam uses Midjourney to design watch faces.

watch faces - created in Midjourney

7. Glowing tattoos

@Nerbts shows you how to create glowing tattoos.

/imagine prompt: Cinematic shot of Glowing tattoos on a chinese woman tattoos glowing, luminescent:: 1 Glowing tattoos on a chinese woman tattoos glowing, luminescent :: 1

Save prompt to Imagifly Glowing tattoos - created in Midjourney

8. Translucent devices

@iamneubert shares how to create images of vintage translucent devices.

/imagine prompt: Old computer, gradient translucent glass melt, laser effect, caustics, design by dieter rams, minimalism, high detail, glow, white background, industrial design, studio lighting, c4d, Oc renderer, clean shadows, 8K --ar 16:9 --s 250 --style raw

Save prompt to Imagifly Translucent devices - created in Midjourney

9. Weird parameter

@WorldEverett writes about the new --weird parameter.

/imagine prompt: interior living room, symmetrical arrangements, golden hour --ar 21:9 --weird 1000

Save prompt to Imagifly Weird interior living room - created in Midjourney

10. Underwater photography

@g0rillaAI shares a prompt to capture beautiful underwater photography.

/imagine prompt: award winning editorial photography of a [SUBJECT] in an underwater world, coral reef, underwater plants, highly detailed, light from top and side, taken with Canon EOS C300 Mark III with Canon CN-E 24mm T1.5 L F lens, depth of field, uhd, hdri, --ar 3:2 --s 750 --v 5.1 --v 5.1

Save prompt to Imagifly Underwater photography - created in Midjourney

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