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Midjourney tutorial: creating abstract background wallpapers

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abstract wallpaper created in midjourney - cover image

One of the easiest ways to add a unique personal touch to our devices is by using background wallpapers. Generally, abstract wallpapers are preferred as they don't draw too much attention and don't interfere with our daily productivity.

Thanks to AI image generation tools like Midjourney, creating these abstract backgrounds is now a task within everyone's reach.

In this tutorial, we will go through the process of designing unique, abstract background wallpapers in Midjourney, complete with examples to inspire your creations.

Image prompt examples

There are multiple ways to create abstract wallpapers in Midjourney. One effective technique involves selecting a natural element, for example sand waves, do a close-up of that element and apply a blurred, minimalist aesthetic.

This is the approach used in this tutorial to create sand waves wallpapers.

Here's the final prompt:

/imagine prompt: extreme closeup of abstract blurred sand, pastel colors, in the style of gradient blurred wallpapers, depth of field, serene visuals, minimalistic simplicity, close-up, minimalistic wallpapers --ar 16:9

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And here's some examples of the wallpapers produced in Midjourney:

abstract wallpaper created in midjourney - example 1
abstract wallpaper created in midjourney - example 2
abstract wallpaper created in midjourney - example 3
abstract wallpaper created in midjourney - example 4

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