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Midjourney tutorial: how to remove frames and white borders

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how to remove frames and border in Midjourney - cover image

Midjourney often shows an image within a frame or surrounded by white borders when your prompt includes terms like 'printing' or 'painting'. Because it takes your instructions literally, it assumes you want to see a complete print, inclusive of a frame, within your image.

In this tutorial, we'll explore two different approaches for removing frames and white borders from your Midjourney images.

Option 1. The --no parameter

You can use negative prompting to remove elements from your compositions.

Take this prompt as an example:

/imagine prompt: mezzotint print of a 1600s duke

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This is likely to produce images similar to those below. Notice the frames and white borders surrounding the print:

Image of duke, produced by Midjourney, showing a frame

Now, let's tweak the prompt to include the --no parameter:

/imagine prompt: mezzotint print of a 1600s duke --no frame

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Voila! Midjourney has removed the frames and borders:

Image of duke, produced by Midjourney

For a full list of available parameters, check the Midjourney documentation.

Option 2. Add more details

Often, the frame/border issue is caused by specific keywords (e.g., 'print') included in a very brief prompt.

Here's an example:

/imagine prompt: photograph-painting hybrid of a mermaid, full body

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Because the prompt includes the word 'painting', some variations show a white surrounding, as if Midjourney is trying to retain the image ratio of an actual painting. Removing 'painting' from the prompt could be a plausible solution, although we want our final result to look like a painting, so we'll keep the keyword.

Image of a female mermaid, produced by Midjourney, and showing white borders

By adding more details and optionally specifying an aspect ratio other than the default 1:1 (as of Midjourney 5), you provide Midjourney with more context, likely eliminating the unwanted white space.

Consider this prompt example:

/imagine prompt: a photograph-painting of a cute mermaid playing with a sea creature in the style of fantasy artworks, light teal and light red, mystic symbolism, joyful celebration of nature --ar 16:9

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Here're the outputs:

Image of a female mermaid, produced by Midjourney

...and the white borders are gone! 🎉

If you want to step-up your game with AI generative tools, consider sticking around. You'll find plenty of tutorials and an app to manage all your prompts.

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