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Best Midjourney prompts - August 2023 edition

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Every month, we curate the best Midjourney prompts shared by innovative creators on Twitter.

Let's take a look at the top 10 Midjourney prompts from August 2023, ideal for fueling your next creations.

1. Toy characters

@techhalla shares a prompt to transform your favorite characters into toys.

/imagine prompt: [subject] superflat-figurine set up | 2x ultra macro apo | heavy shading; cartoonish innocence | plain background --style raw --ar 2:3

Save prompt to Imagifly Toy characters prompt - created in Midjourney

2. Abandoned in forest

@umesh_ai demonstrates how to create an image themed around an 'abandoned in the forest' concept.

/imagine prompt: close up, light lemon green , grass, lichen grown abandoned [PROMPT] foggy forest, foliage, beautiful, photograph --ar 16:9

Save prompt to Imagifly Abandoned in forest prompt - created in Midjourney

3. Surrealist portraits

@madaro_art experiments with few tokens to create some surrealist portraits.

/imagine prompt: concept photography, wireframe surrealism, [subject], hyperdetailed, [colours / palette] --v 5.2 --style raw --s 180 --ar [X:Y]

Save prompt to Imagifly Surrealist portraits prompt - created in Midjourney

4. Unique Illustrations

@iamneubert shares a prompt to create some very artistic illustrations.

/imagine prompt: Painting of a man flying through space with a building at the top, columns and totems, contemporary landscape, emotional figures, somber mood --ar 21:9 --c 10 --style raw

Save prompt to Imagifly Unique Illustrations prompt - created in Midjourney

5. High angle photography

@AIFinity76 teaches you how to create high angle photography.

/imagine prompt: [TYPE (b&W, digital etc)] photography, [SUBJECT], high angle, [LOOK/FEEL - optional] --ar 16:9 --s 50

Save prompt to Imagifly High angle photography prompt - created in Midjourney

6. Old beauty

@bri_guy_ai questions the conventional beauty standards of MJ and introduces a prompt that celebrates the imperfections associated with aging.

/imagine prompt: an ugly::1.25 wrinkled::1 [old lady]::2 in a candid photograph sitting at the table in her 1970s kitchen, 35mm photography --ar 6:4

Save prompt to Imagifly Old woman prompt - created in Midjourney

7. Silver Icecream

@ciguleva shares a promt to create a minimalist photo of silver icecream.

/imagine prompt: minimalist photo of silver icecream, holographic light, in the style of calming and introspective aesthetic, flattened perspectives, light gray, canon, translucent, unicorncore

Save prompt to Imagifly Silver Icecream prompt - created in Midjourney

8. Void architecture

@Macbaconai explores new prompting expressions to create architectural images that evoke feelings of emptiness and feature water-like effects.

/imagine prompt: Millions of millionate concrete formed torus interior pathes opening to architectural vistas, in style of high contrast sunlight reflections, mood over thinking slimy pools --ar 3:4 --style raw

Save prompt to Imagifly Void architecture prompt - created in Midjourney

9. Concept art

@nickfloats experiments with 3-word prompts to create concept art images.

/imagine prompt: 1960s concept art

Create your prompt library with Imagifly Concept art prompt - created in Midjourney

10. Pulp art

@Mr_AllenT shows how to create pulp-art inspired images.

/imagine prompt: 1960's pulp art, [Subject], vintage, 1960s magazine illustration, pulp art --ar 3:2 --style raw --s 50

Save prompt to Imagifly Pulp art prompt - created in Midjourney

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