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Best Midjourney prompts - September 2023 edition

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Each month, we handpick the best Midjourney prompts shared by creative artists on Twitter.

Let's dive into September 2023's top 10 Midjourney prompts, perfect to inspire your upcoming projects.

1. Character in action

@techhalla shares a prompt to create illustrations of characters in motion.

/imagine prompt: painting of [subject in action] | in the style of golden light, sandalpunk, realistic and hyper-detailed renderings | precisionist, romanticized landscapes, hyper-realistic detailed character illustrations --style raw

Save prompt to Imagifly Character in action - created in Midjourney

2. Iconic places

@CharaspowerAI demonstrates how to turn iconic places into stunning illustrations.

/imagine prompt: a beautiful Paris landscape at sunset, in the style of anime art, multicolored landscapes, [dark amber and sky-blue], vibrant illustrations, multilayered dimensions, rustic charm, technicolor dreamscape

Save prompt to Imagifly Iconic places - created in Midjourney

3. Pink Macro Photo

@ciguleva plays with the color pink to produce close-up subject photographs.

/imagine prompt: macro photo of a pink {dragon, sand, underwater}, fog on the front of a car, in the style of iconic album covers, pollaroidcore

Save prompt to Imagifly Pink macro photo - created in Midjourney

4. Tarot Cards

@Artedeingenio shows how to create tarot cards with a twist.

/imagine prompt: tarot card of the [hanged man, death, lovers, sun], in the style of Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo, esoteric aesthetics, decorative border, bold illustration, XV century woodcut print --ar 9:16 --s 1000

Save prompt to Imagifly Tarot Cards - created in Midjourney

5. Cinematographic action scenes

@MayorKingAI created a mini guide for generating spectacular cinematographic action scenes.

/imagine prompt: cinematic shot, Action scene of a [subject], [place], [time of the day], [scene] , dynamic action, dynamic movement, [angle], photorealistic [lighting], hyper-detailed, directed by [Director] --ar 21:9 --v 5.2 --style raw

Save prompt to Imagifly Cinematographic action scenes - created in Midjourney

6. Stanley Kubrick design

@umesh_ai demonstrates how to create interior designs in the style of Stanley Kubrick.

/imagine prompt: interior design in the style of Stanley Kubrick, [COLOUR/S]

Save prompt to Imagifly Stanley Kubrick design - created in Midjourney

7. Paper art

@artimindArt teaches you a simple and colourful way to make art.

/imagine prompt: paper art work of [object/city/animal..], in the style of vibrant illustrations --s 750 --style raw

Save prompt to Imagifly Paper art - created in Midjourney

8. Fractal art

@AIFinity76 explores the surreal mashup of fractal art and photography.

/imagine prompt: photography, [SUBJECT], fractal art --ar 16:9 --s 50

Save prompt to Imagifly Fractal art - created in Midjourney

9. Cyanotype Photography

@nickfloats explores various tokens to generate images with a textured, vintage appearance.

/imagine prompt: mezzotint of {subject}:: Cyanotype photography of {same subject} --ar 4:5 --style raw

Save prompt to Imagifly Cyanotype photography - created in Midjourney

10. Pop art-inspired illustration

@HBCoop_ shares a prompt to create pop art-inspired illustrations.

/imagine prompt: a vibrant pop art-inspired illustration featuring an animal with psychedelic patterns, exaggerated features, and bold, contrasting colors

Save prompt to Imagifly Pop art-inspired illustration - created in Midjourney

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